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Bezel key Aqualand C500 & Promaster C500 / JP2000-08 Price: € 25.00
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Citizen Aqualand 500 Easily replacing the battery on your
dive computer from home for a reasonable
price. No longer a wish but now possible
with the bezel key set for
Citizen Aqualand/Promaster.
The kit includes a suitable bezel key
made from stainless steel, the
replacement battery, a new O-ring and a
mini workbench to fix the
dive computer when opened. Unscrewing,
a little cleaning, changing battery and
sealing ring and screwing the cover back
on is all that needs to be done. It only
takes about ten minutes. Workbench and
bezel key can be reused many times.
Only battery and sealing ring need to be
renewed for future changes.
This kit can be bought here: Battery kit


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