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Question: How can I read my dive data using Dive Manager 3 and 4?

Answer: Windows installs the suitable USB driver by default. But the Dive Manager requires a USB driver name starting with "Suunto". Just exchange the Windows installed driver with the one from Suunto. It's automatically installed on your computer after having installed Dive Manger 3. You can find the manual on how to exchange the driver in our download area.


Question: As per manufacturer the Gekko dive computer can't be read out. Is there a possibility to read it out with a smartinterface?

Answer: Normally, the Gekko dive computer can't be read out. As per manufacturer only settings can be made to the Gekko. But the port is available and only deactivated by the manufacturer. With the Gekko2Vyper software the read out function can be reactivated to make the Gekko react like the much more expensive Vyper dive computer. The port has to be activated only once. Just download the free of charge software from the internet. If you have problems in finding a download link for the Gekko2Vyper software, we are glad to be of assistance. Please contact us at info@smartinterface.de.

Question: I have selected the correct com-port in the dive manager software but still get a transmission failure message "session timed out (99)". What are my options?

Answer: Your dive computer isn't set to the transmission mode or you may have just forgotten to finish the read out mode with the mode-key.

Question: I am receiving a transmission error message when reading out my Stinger/ Spyder dive computer. How can I transfer my dive data from the Stinger/Spyder to my computer?

Answer: First select "other" dive computer in your dive manager software. The Stinger/Spyder dive computer happens to not transfer data after having responded once. But the dive manager software reviews the interface when started. That is why the Stinger/Spyder doesn't react to the read out request although still set to the transfer mode. The problem is easily be dealt with by connecting the Stinger/Spyder dive computer only after having started the dive manager software already. Another option is to reactivate the transfer mode. Afterwards the read out should work properly again.

Question: Do I have to mind anything when changing the halogen lamp OSRAM HLX64520?

Answer: Don't touch the halogen lamp with your fingers as the skin's oil may damage the halogen lamp. Use a clean towel when changing the halogen lamp! Let the halogen lamp cool down for a minimum of 5 minutes before you change it.