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USB Interface for Oceanic Veo Price: € 38.00
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USB Interface for Oceanic dive computers

With this interface you can read all the personal dive data on your OCEANIC dive computer and edit them on your computer. With the free of charge OCEANIC software „OceanLog (PC)“ and „DiveLog (Mac) you can see all your dive profiles, print your log book and manage all your dive data on your computer. You can also make changes on your dive computer.

Technical data

  • The interface is made of durable nylon.
  • A control LED shows the data transmission.
  • All contacts are gold-plated and therefore protected against corrosion.
  • Contacts are individually and gently spring-loaded to avoid damaging the dive computer.
  • Approx. 1.5 metres of cable
  • Extremely light-weight and small
  • Drivers for Windows 98, XP, 2K, Vista and Windows 7 32/64, Win8, win10 and OSx are provided
  • Compatible with all versions of the OCEANIC „DiverLog (mac) und OceanLog (PC)“


The interface can be used with the following Oceanic dive computers:

  • Veo2
  • Veo3
  • Veo180
  • Veo250
  • ProPlus2.1
  • ProPlus3
  • VT3
  • VT4

And with the followingSoftware (Referenztabelle)


The DiverLog (Mac) and OceanLog (PC) software is available for download free of charge through the OCEANIC download center.


Each Interface is individually tested after production. So, we can guarantee the functionality on each Interface. Warranty


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Scope of delivery

Delivery includes an interface and a CD with matching drivers as well as a practical cable Velcro that helps you to properly re-bundle your interface.

Physical data

  • Storage temperature: -10 to 60°C
  • Operating temperature: +15 to 35°C
  • Weight approx. 40g @ 1.5 m of cable
  • Contact spring power: 0.3N
  • Compatible with Oceanic-Interface
  • Resistant against seawater and oil


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