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MB SUB Funlight hE Price: € 369.00
VAT included - weight: 2.000kg. Shipping costs will be calculated according to the shipping costs index
Handy, three-step high-power torch of most recent technology. 40% 70% 130% Due to the overvoltage at 130% there’s an increase in electric light output of approx. 50%. It has a solid adjusting knob, which can easily be used with gloved hands. An activatable SOS signal gives further security. A cold mirror halogen capsule for 12 V/ 20 W in form of a spotlight with a 12° light beam is included in the standard kit. Burn time of the halogen bulbs is reduced to still about 150 hours when worked in overvoltage. With high quality capsules it’s about 2,000 to 3,000 hours. The deep discharge protection warns you not only of a forthcoming end of burn time at the end of a dive, but also of an empty battery when switched on. The torch is also 100% usable outside the water. A solid sealing system guarantees tightness to a maximum depth of 200 m! The small plug-in charger with an electronic timer ensures an optimum loading time without endangering the battery. There’s no memory effect with NiMh batteries, anyway. Battery overload can be excluded when using the original charger. Tech. data. burn time: At 30 Watt approx.105 min At 48 Watt approx. 60 min At 70 Watt approx. 40 min 14.4 V - 4 Ah NiMH-battery Interchangeable battery - construction 3-step dimmable (40%, 70% und 130% with overvoltage) With deep discharge protection (and early warning) in MOS-FET technology Briefly switching to 40% twice, the Fun Light hE SOS flashes! Front ring: Aluminium, black anodised, with cooling fins, mineral crystal glass Lamp body: Aluminium, black anodised, usable to a max depth of 200 m Weighs only 1.5 kg, underwater 0.5 kg downforce Lamp holder: GY 5.3 for multi mirror (cold light mirror) lamps 12 V to 50 W. The included charger completely re-loads the empty battery within approx. 12 hours. Torch can be used outside the water with the 20-Watt capsule even at 130% power.


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