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Inflator Repair- / Revision-Kit Price: € 20.00
VAT included - weight: 0.100kg. Shipping costs will be calculated according to the shipping costs index
Lieferumfang des Reparatur-/Revisions-Kit (Inflatorschlauch und Ventilträger sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten!)

With this kit you’re able to professionally service and repair your inflator and inflator hose everywhere you are without the need to contact a dive or repair shop.

Set components

  • Valve barrel
    for hose connection
  • Inflator O-Ring large
    for hose connection
    e.g. for Apeks,Sherwood,
    Scubapro new, Mares aso.
  • Inflator O-Ring small
    for hose connection
    e.g. for Seemann, Aqualung,
    Hammerhead, older Scubapro, aso.
  • Valve screw driver for
    Valve fitting and disassembly.
  • O-Ring Picker
    for O-Ring-fitting and -disassembly
  • 5-g-tube silicon grease
    for O-Ring-fitting, physiologically harmless,
    O-Ring-compatible from -40 to 200°C
  • O-Rings for valve carrier
    for jacket inflator/inlet button
    suitable for Seaquest
  • Valve core (black ring)
    for jacket inflator/inlet button
    suitable for almost all jackets but Seaquest
  • Valve core (blue ring)
    for jacket inflator/inlet button
    suitable for Seaquest jackets


The repair kit is suitable for almost all jacket inflators.

All valves and O-Rings are seawater-proof. Valves, grease and O-Rings are "Made in Germany".
With this kit you’re always independent from repair shops. You can help yourself or others.
The 5 g silicon grease will last for several hundred uses. The valve inlets, also called "Schrader Valves" bezeichnet, are nickel-plated and largely corrosion protected.

Please note

All works are very simple but should be performed with care and attention. Test the seal’s and valve’s function before every dive.
The valves are often very tightly corroded. Don’t use force.
Bathing the device for 10 minutes in vinegar water does often help to losen the stuck valve.

Causes of failures: Leakage when inflator is connected is a sign for a defect O-Ring in the hose coupling. Outpouring air when the inflator hose is disconnect is a sign for a defect valve.

Scope of delivery

The kit consists of:
1 x Valve Core 1, 1 x Valve Core 8,
1 x Inflator O-Ring large 2,
1 x Inflator O-Ring small 3,,
1 x Valve screw driver,
1 x O-Ring-picker,
1 x 5g-tube Silicon grease,
2 x O-Rings for valve carrier
1 x Valve core (black),
1 x Valve core (blue).
The kit doesn’t include the pictured inflator hose nor the valve carrier!



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