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MB SUB Fazer Price: € 520.00
VAT included - weight: 2.000kg. Shipping costs will be calculated according to the shipping costs index
A high-end design gives the idea of the extraordinary technology inside the torch. The NiMH battery ensures an incredible burn time of 2.5 hours with the luminosity of a 50 W halogen spot. Easy removable capsule with safety mechanism. Quick charging within 4 hours. Usable outside water. Deep discharge protection with optical pre-warning. Tech. data. Material: Aluminium, sandblasted, anodised 10 W Xenon capsule (gas discharge capsule) Reflector: 12° Apparent brightness (UW): approx. 50 Watt NiMH - battery 12 V, 2.7 Ah Burn time: 2.5 Ah Switch: Rotary switch, without grommet Weight: 1,100 g downforce: approx. 400 g Length: 230 mm Processor and temperature controlled quick charging, charging time 4 hours Processor controlled quick charging plug with folding European 2-pin plug 110-250 V, 140 g Charging time: max 4 h Deep discharge protection with pre-warning LED


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