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Metal detector UWEX® 722 C Price: € 1295.00
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UWEX Metallsuchgerät

The UWEX® 722 is a battery operated, high sensitivity eddy current metal detector for normal land and underwater use, also applicable in salt water. According to the detection job it can be operated in a short or long version. It works on the Ebinger pulse induction method and detects all type of metal including small parts of precious metals. The pressure waterproof headset gives a clear audible signal with large frequency deviation. Therefore it is easy to pinpoint the target.

Technical data

  • Power supplied by 9 V E-Block IEC 6 LR61 or by rechargeable battery 9 V E-Block Ni-MH TR7/8.
  • Operation time depends on temperature and quality of the battery. Dry battery approx. 10 h, comparable rechargeable battery approx. 5 h.
  • Temperature range approx. -10°C to +55°C.
  • Dimensions: Search head approx. 200 mm ø
    Electronic cylinder approx. 40 x 535 mm
    Extension rod approx. 580 mm
    Length overall approx. 640 mm
  • Weight min. 1.2 kg to max. 1.4 kg
  • Operating frequency 600 Hz
  • Pressure test approx. 7 bar (at a depth of approx. 60 m)

Main characteristics

  • Compact tool with good ergonomics
  • High sensitivity to small objects of weak conductivity, large detection range
  • Suppression of small objects and interference
  • Saltwater compatible
  • Pressure tested up to 60 m deep

Constructional features

The UWEX® 722 C consists of a search head with joint, which is flanged to the detector handle with a sensitivity adjuster and fixed headset cable and implemented battery compartment. An extension rod can be screwed between search head and electronic cylinder. The detector is switched into operation by rotating the handle by 180° in clockwise direction. The detector handle contains the electronics. Wrong mounting is avoided by different construction of the connection elements. A transport bag to protect all the device´s elements is included in the delivery contents. The detector transmits an audio signal in the headphone, which is connected to the electronics by a spiral cable and is also included in the delivery contents.

Operation manuals

Bedienungsanleitung AmerikaBedienungsanleitung Deutsch

Delivery contents

  • Search arrangement Ø 200 mm, electronic box, battery compartment and headset
  • Dry battery 9 V E-Block (IEC 6 LR61)
  • Test piece
  • Extension rod
  • Operation manual
  • Transport bag
  • Video-CD (UWEX® 722 C in operation)

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